VOLO #7 – The Nude Goddess Issue – Digital Copy

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Product Description

VOLO #7 includes a series of gorgeous and curvy Arienne on a rocky secluded beach on the beautiful California. Following is another Bay Area beauty Melissa Hunter. In this set Melissa goes bare for the very first time!

Two enchanting sets in wooded landscapes, one of Sylph Sia by Geoff Jones and the other of Melissa Capsitrano by yours truly are separated by our cover series Anja by Pascal Heimlicher, a set from Joel Alvarez’s Black Tape project (BTP was featured on the cover of VOLO#4), and an intriguing interview with internationally renowned erotic artist Nancy Peach.

This issue’s VOLO Body model Tish Marie turns up the heat in her set  followed by a series of steamy photographs from the mysterious Otto Von Erotica. Both will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Our penultimate editorial features the delicious heavy metal in- spired designs of MetalBec Gear adorning the beautiful bodies of Anoush Anou, Audrey Dasia, and Scarlett Starr. And our issue concludes with a narrative tale of loneliness and desire featuring the sultry Belle Noire.

Rich Cirminello (Past Editor in Chief)


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