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“Recently I saw David Bellemere’s film (Nude) and I just loved how he worked on his models to achieve some of those insane poses only he knows how to get. There is one line where one of the lead in the film say that David first breaks the models and puts them back together like no other. And that was my inspiration. I want to see a woman’s body as no one else has ever seen before.”

Glax Graces

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Glax Graces says

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Model Profile

Rachel is an aspiring model based out of Toronto Ontario Canada. Her personal goal in life is to enjoy the beauty of being natural with nature.

She enjoys the inner battle of nerves and empowerment that comes with modeling. Being in front of the lens is a chance for Rachel to rediscover and connect with the woman inside her. Showing the feminine side of strength, resilience and determination is a personal passion that isn’t the foundation of her striking photographs. Rachel was born in a small town on the east coast of North Carolina. Growing up she was encouraged to be as creative as possible, as much as possible. She blossomed in the big city life after moving to Toronto in her teens and now spends her days working as a machine operator at an aluminum plant. She plans to study aircraft structure and begin a career in aerospace manufacturing.

In her off time, Rachel enjoys modeling, singing, nature and is always building something. She loves being whimsical and is always looking to discover something new. Her interests range from mechanics, space science, professional sports, to nature.

Rachel hopes to keep surrounding herself with thriving talent and continue sharing herself with the world.

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Glax Graces

Photographer Profile

“I always wanted to paint but was useless with a brush on a canvas. Even as a young child, I was enamored by pictures of sculptures and paintings around the world. I am yet to see all of it but I wish to complete that circuit one day. Of course, like any other Indian boy, I became a software engineer (by choice). And I was really good at it too.

But there was this hollow feeling that I just could not let go. That’s when I started experimenting with photography. Spending years and years trying to master the techniques. And then I met a spiritual guru who told me, “Try everything before deciding what you want to do. Don’t say, it’s not for me without experience how good or bad it is.” I tried landscape, weddings, portraits, wildlife, boudoir, and nudes. The one thing I realized was that the human body has always been my favorite subject and anything with a person around makes me the buzz.

I once read Katherine Mansfield saying, “How idiotic civilization is! Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?” And that gave me the clarity to focus on shooting fine arts. Not porn, but arts. Sensualist, not hardcore. That’s my ethos and that’s what I try creating in my work.

I still work in the software industry as I enjoy it thoroughly. And I still shoot weddings too (there is something about it). Both give me the desired financial freedom to then explore my art and creating work by letting myself go.”

Glax Graces

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