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“While I have had a healthy fascination for Nubian Goddesses since my early teenage years, it wasn’t until I met the 6ft tall Amazon named Tish Marie that I truly realized the true meaning of the term… Tish is incredible, sexual, strong and beautiful from inside out. Our shoot and the breakfast afterwards are favorite memories etched into my mind forever.”


Tish Marie wakes up and walks into the balcony naked to tease the worker bees in the office next door. VOLO Magazine set feature in the VOLO Vault.
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Tish Marie

Model Profile

Hi VOLO readers,
I am Tish Marie, a fetish and S&M lifestyle model from Los Angeles, California.

Modeling has been an amazing journey for me. After college and working in the corporate world, I decided to leave it and chase new adventures. I didn’t know what to expect. Finding that dream job is everyone’s life mission and growing up in Los Angeles makes things a lot more accessible.  For the last 6 years, I’ve done everything from swimsuits in the Carribean to Latex themed fashion shows in London. Even the trip I took to Lake Powell, Utah, turned out to be the photo shoot of a lifetime.There I worked with renown photographer, Kim Weston, son of Edward Weston, for his Lake Powell Dynamic Nude Workshop. My limits were definitely tested as I climbed steep, jagged hills and mountains worth a couple hundred feet above the water. If I can work my way up to modeling in at least 6 continents I’ll say, “ Yes! I’ve finally done it!” At first I wasn’t really confident I could survive in this industry, because most models have white skin with blue eyes and blond hair. But I had so much support from friends and falling in love with a photographer, they just gave me more inspiration. The awesome thing about me is that I’m not afraid of anything, and I’m always looking toward the future.

Follow Tish on Instagram at: @lafemme_tishmarie


Photographer Profile

The founder, publisher and editor of VOLO Magazine, Shankha is driven by the love of Art. Photography for him is more of a escape from reality and he tends to explore different story situations in his photosets, in place of striving for technical excellence. Shankha has a long history of Fashion Photography and nude photography is relatively new to him, only since he founded VOLO has he taken to shooting more nudes than fashion.

You can follow his work on Instagram at: @thevologuy

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