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Irina Key Shot by Kali McCarthy for VOLO Nude Photography Collection

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Kali McCarthy

Photographer Profile

Hi VOLOnians, I am Kali McCarthy.

I was born and raised in Jamaica and currently reside in South Florida which happens to be the perfect place for me to let my wild creativity loose. I believe that in everything, every object, every situation… There is a beautiful part that can be captured on film. Capturing its beauty is the only thing i enjoy doing (maybe not the only thing… I love basketball too).

I enjoy photography on the whole, but my specialties would be glamor photography and nightclub photography. I am a perfectionist, so expect nothing less. And if I cant achieve perfection, I will forever try to achieve it. The funny thing is… I’ve always been into the arts, but photography sort of stumbled into my life a couple years ago while taking pics of my sister and nephew while they were visiting… Needless to say my sister went back to Canada without her camera… she realized just how much I enjoyed taking pics.

From then on… I have done everything to learn more about the craft… to be amongst the giants.Still a far way from it… But i believe it can and will happen.

I am constantly fighting to overcome the obstacles between my self and my goals.

You can follow my work on Instagram at @ImagesbyKali

Irina Key

Model Profile

“I was born in Russia, Vladivostok in the middle of winter, the coldest time of the year. This city is located on the Pacific Ocean, so I’m Eastern girl of Russia. l moved to USA 2 years ago and now live in South Florida. I do miss cold sometimes!

I have a University diploma, graduated from Pacific Ocean State Economic University. My education is in food technologies and nutrition, all about food, diets, calories and healthy lifestyle. I am a pescetarian myself. I do yoga and gymnastics, have dancing experience too. I started modeling at 19 and do it till now. I like dogs, nature, traveling, horseriding.

I trust God, I’m sensitive, spiritual and lucky with many things.”



Follow me on Instagram at: @irinakey

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