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“The challenge was to take an ordinary environment and create beautifully provocative images. The photo shoot took on a voyeuristic turn capturing the innocence of Shay Ward in a quirky way.”

Chris Buechner

Chris Buechner says that the photo shoot took on a voyeuristic turn capturing the innocence of Shay Ward in a quirky way.


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Shay Ward

Model Profile

Shay Ward is a 20 year old model from Sydney, Australia. She has only just started her modelling career. Shay decided to throw herself into the deep end and pushing herself a lot with these images. Growing up she never thought she could do something like this, that it would be judged inappropriate and that she would be judged. However since stepping into the role of a nude model she loved the beauty it has shown her and the confidence it has given her.

Follow Shay Ward on Instagram at @shaayward

Chris Buechner

Photographer Profile

photographerChris Buechner is an Australian beauty and boudoir photographer specializing in creating classy and sexy images of women. He is well known in Australia and his clients travel from all over Australia to be photographed by him. In his personal work he challenges himself to create concepts that capture and incorporate the female form from a more artistic angle, looking for the unusual, the quirky and provocative.

You can see more of Chris Buechner’s work on Instagram at @sydneyglamourphoto
Website: www.sydneyglamourphotography.com.au/


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