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“This was shot at the wreckage of the SS Minmi by Stephen Wong with Roshie, The SS Minmi is a collier that sank after striking rocks on the outer northern headland of Botany Banks.”

Stephen Wong

Shot by Stephen Wong with Roshie at the wreckage of the SS Minmi, a collier that sank after striking rocks on the outer northern headland of Botany Banks.

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Model Profile

Roshie is a bit of an oddball, specializing in Fetish and Alternative modelling, she thrives off the bizarre, and this shines through in her work. She loves taking risks, and finds art nude modelling especially exciting.

“There’s just something about running around in your birthday suit in public, scaling trees and rocks, trying to create interesting shapes all whilst being on the lookout for unsuspecting hikers! Everyone should try it at least once!”

Growing up in three different continents she was bitten by the travel bug early, and loves to move around for shoots. Often surviving on meager amounts of money, she lives to create art and perform. Enthusiastic about Cosplay, Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Art), Burlesque, Pole dancing, Fire performance, and with a latex wardrobe to rival even the most extreme fetishists Roshie loves the unusual, and aims to bring that forward into her modelling work.

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Stephen Wong

Photographer Profile

Stephen Wong is a professional photographer from Sydney, Australia, who loves portrait and people photography.

“I enjoy working and interacting with people. I want to capture their personality in a photograph, not just their physical appearance. I became interested in nude photography began when I discovered Andre de Dienes’s classic book, ‘Nudes, My Camera and I’. My interest remained academic until, a few years ago, a friend asked me to photo graph her. The images encouraged me to explore more opportunities and to build my confidence and abilities as a photographer.

I love shooting with women of different shapes, sizes, and ages. Every woman has her own special physical and inner beauty, which is changing over time. Finding and capturing that moment of beauty can be an empowering and powerful experience for both model and photographer.

Recently, I won the Nudes on TAP 2016 portraiture prize, which is part of the Head On Photo Festival held in Sydney each year. Winning the award has been important because it’s inspired me to create better photographs and to be less afraid of trying new artistic ideas.”

When he’s not behind the camera, Stephen enjoys indoor rock climbing, snorkeling and helping out as an instructor at his local Taekwondo martial arts club. He’s also the editor of MONITOR, the Australian Photographic Society’s digital division monthly newsletter.

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volodaily.com/profile/swongau

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