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Stephanie Rosa

Model Profile


I’m Stephanie Rosa, a 21 year old nude model based in the New England area! I kind of describe myself as an old soul. Taking photos (especially nude) is extremely self powering to me because I feel beautiful, sensual and creative while doing it. In my eyes everyone should show off their beautiful bodies big & small because everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. I want to inspire women and men to feel okay taking pictures of themselves however they please for THEM and not for other people. I used to be extremely shy and awkward until I started to learn to take photos and model and I feel extremely confident in my own skin now.

Nude is pure and pure is beautiful. I have a love for creating unique, and beautiful images as well as anything artistic. I’m always looking to expand and progress. I enjoy exploring new fashions, adventuring the city and listening to live music at the local coffee shops. Driving the back roads singing along to Regina Spektor, or Sade is a favorite pastime. I aspire to inspire (:.”

Stephanie Rosa

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Bill Crowley

Photographer Profile

“My name is Bill Crowley owner of Prize Portraits. Prize Portraits a photography company located in Connecticut that specializes in fine art, fashion, and fitness photography throughout New England and travels internationally on assignment.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and photography has been a passion ever since an early age. I focus on trying to bring out the best in my subjects while incorporating their inspirations into the shoot in a creative fashion. My work has been featured in multiple different publications and galleries over the years. Whenever possible I prefer to shoot on-location as opposed to in studio, to me the landscape adds a multidimensional element that is ever lasting.”

Bill Crowley

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