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“I really like simple monochrome portrait and nude photography. With simple light, almost no makeup and photoshop free. Where person is more important than light or retouch. I think, its more true photography. Its about human emotions and beauty. I like to show people the way they are, I think it’s right and beautiful.”

Mikhail Malyugin

Mikhail Malyugin did this set with simple light with Katya, almost no makeup and Photoshop free. He says its more true photography.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Katya Aivazova

Model Profile

“Hello VOLO,

My name is Katya. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Ukraine. I started her model career half a year ago. I live in Moscow now. Studying the choreography, fond of acting. I like to deal with shooting guns. In my free time I read books, I really like mystical stories.”


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Mikhail Malyugin

Photographer Profile

“Hi Volo!,

My name is Mikhail Malyugin, I am a Commercial photographer based in Moscow, Russia.

More than seven years in the industry, specializes in advertising photography.

Finalist of the International Photography Awards (IPA 2013, 2014 and 2015, in the Advertising Beauty category) and has collaborated with magazines, advertising agencies and photographers around the globe.

I was an Adweek Talent 100 laureate in 2013, a worldwide ranking of designers & photographers by the prestigious Adweek Magazine.”

Mikhail Malyugin

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