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“We immediately thought to submit our work to Volo Magazine, our preferite “bible” of feminine beauty.”


PicsandPixels shot this set with Taliah Campbell at Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. They spent a breathtaking day in this paradise.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Taliah Campbell

Model Profile

“I am a Sydney based Model with a strong background in a variety of dancing styles. With the skills I have gained in the past, together with my passion for modelling and acting, I have been granted numerous opportunities since the commencement of my modelling career that I will continue to pour my heart into to see where it leads me in the future.

Styles that I have previously worked on range from Art nude, Underwater, Dance, Fashion and Lingerie to see where I fit in the market. I have started to submit work to expose myself through magazines and have been working on submissions for various publications.

I thoroughly enjoy projects for Art Nude and Dance styles however my ultimate goal is to expand myself in the fashion industry so I am also researching and networking to find more commercial work to ensure that I am always stepping forward in my career. Meeting and working with so many talented Photographers, Make up artists, Hair Stylists and Models gives me a great deal of pleasure and excitement as we are all working to achieve a specific vision and are all able to incorporate our own input.

It inspires me with every single job that I am granted with, to achieve the goals that I have set for myself and I am always willing to expand my network and to keep all offers open to ensure I never miss an opportunity. I am so very excited to see what the future holds for me.”

Taliah Campbell

Follow Taliah on Instagram at @taliah_campbell

Pics and Pixels

Photographer Profile

“I discovered my love for photography when I was seven, this passion became my job ten years later. I love to work under natural light, working with nature, architecture, mixing feminine sensuality and fashion in order to produce eroticized yet gracious images.

I have collaborated with Vogue Italy on about four projects and I have been working with prestigious, charming and ground-breaking people, luxury hotels and companies.

When I discovered the location portrayed in these pictures, (Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia), I immediately felt the need to work on a photo shoot with my favorite Muse, so we spent a breathtaking day in this paradise trying to show the feminine beauty in contrast with such a dramatic extraordinary landscape.”


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This person does not work for us!! Many photographers and models have been contacted by him regarding casting, submission, etc…Please don’t fall for this scam.

Our authorized submission link is https://www.volomagazine.com/submit/
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