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“I’ve Always experimenting and looking for something new and interesting.”

Petr Okpnyj

This is a detailed set of Petr Okpnyj featuring Tanya Fedoseeva in the Deep Purple Sheets. This set is also a part of Volo 43 Issue.

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Tanya Fedoseeva

Model Profile

Tanya Fedoseeva is a Ukrainian photo model, which its uniqueness does not leave indifferent any photographers and viewers. At the shooting she playing the role and try to pass them as a part of her life, as a story about itself.
Numerous shooting for catalogs of bikini and underwear became the basis for her modeling career, just as relaxed in the shot, unique charm and gorgeous shape make it a desirable participant in the shooting of almost any genre.

You can follow Tanya on Instagram at @tanita_fed

Petr Okpnyj

Photographer Profile


“Hello Volo fans!,

I was born in 1983 in Ukraine. In the beginning photography has become a favorite hobby that later tightened so much that was not able to stop to photograph … I studied independently analyzing the works of famous photographers and post-processing techniques.
From the first moments, when I took the camera in hand, I realized that I was taking pictures of people, their feelings and emotions. Later in the priority remains the beauty of the female body with its unique lines and curves. Nude style became my direction for creative development and growth.

When working with the models I try to notice the details and features of each girl and allocate them in pictures, because it is these details make the girls individual and unique. Always experimenting and looking for something new and interesting. In my works I make the beautiful things perfectly excellent.”

Petr Okpnyj


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