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” I think we belong in VOLO because we managed to show a mysterious and sensual but also a burning hot woman in a very good looking way. “

Flo Hossi

Flo Hossi thinks this belongs in VOLO, because they managed to show a mysterious and sensual but also a burning hot woman in a very good looking way.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries


Model Profile

“Hi VOLO Readers!

My name is Anna (also called Sanctum.), I’m 25 years old and I was born in Russia. I started modeling in 2005.

Over the years and step by step I have developed myself to be who I am today and now I am in harmony with myself and with my body.

I value my body and feel great in my skin. Is why my body will stay forever without any tattoos and piercings.

I love to be with family and friends. A good relationship with my parents and my partner is very important for me.

I would never think that there is something more important than to be in the arms of my loved ones.”

Anna – Sanctum

Flo Hossi

Photographer Profile

“Hi VOLO, 

My name is Flo and I was born and raised in beautiful Thuringia, Germany – I am 29 years old now. I work as business process manager and engineer for special tools in my main job. I like sports and nature – mountain biking and skiing in the back country. 

My first steps with photography were about one and a half year ago. Just for fun I started to take pictures of my friends. I noticed that my open minded character is a good opener to people and so I tried more and more to improve my skills in taking pictures and in editing.

Since autumn 2015 there were a few shots and some projects with special settings and a theme. 

In the past the most of my models where in my home area but at the end of 2016 I traveled more and I discovered beautiful people and places. 

For myself I decided to capture more moments and try to freeze feelings in my pictures and my style developed. 

In the future I try to improve with every project and the most important thing for me is, to meet new and exciting people and spend some great moments in life and to catch a good time together maybe I will share with you.”

Flo Hossi

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