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Tully Aldridge

Model Profile

“My name is Tully Aldridge, I am nineteen years old and I am a nude novice and apparent ‘natural’ on the modeling scene. My first ever shoot was only a couple of months ago and modelling to me has become a thoroughly enjoyable pursuit.

I am particularly fond of art, photography and genuine beauty, especially found within Duncan Browne’s photographs as you’ll note. My own personal style which more or less translates through each image is that of a ‘vintage vixen’. I relish in the sultry flair I give to each shoot and sincerely hope you do as well.”

Tully Aldridge

Follow Tully Aldridge on Instagram at @tullyaldridgeofficial

Duncan Browne

Photographer Profile

“I am an Australian photographer based in Newcastle on the eastern coast of Australia. Originally learning my trade in the days of film, I would describe myself as an eclectic style, always trying new things and unorthodox means of achieving photographs. You are only limited by your imagination ( oh and of course the budget! )

Focusing on candid and natural feeling portraiture, I like to adhere to a “no cheesy pose” policy for all my shoots. I’d rather have a laugh and talk shit and just capture the natural person in my photographs. It’s worked so far…

Shooting nude photography is a real privilege. Someone is letting you into their trusted, private world. For this short period of time and you have to work to make them comfortable and natural and show themselves in a way that allows the real person to shine through.

If you get this from a person and they love their photos, then I have achieved what I wanted to do in a shoot.”

Duncan Browne

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