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“I really loved capturing the female form and got excited to try lighting and shadowing and coming up with unique shapes and dynamic poses. I was hooked!”

James Ellingen

James Ellingen's first shoot with Valerie Silvestri. She instantly put the photographer at ease with her fun and outgoing spirit.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Valerie Silvestri

Model Profile

“Hey VOLO Fans,
I am Valerie Silvestri, I love exploring, being behind the lens as well as in front. Modeling allows me to make an expression of how I truly feel, or sometimes channeling different emotions is necessary to create a character out of myself. Modeling is an art form.
I see it as collaboration between two artists, model and photographer, to create an image. When there is a bond, or mutual understanding between a photographer (James Sellingen) and myself, is when I feel a light go off inside me. It’s so exciting!

I am Valerie Silvestri, my ideas are constantly passing through my mind, and I’m constantly seeking inspiration from everything around me. I love when were both on the same page, and in the works of making a powerful image. Nude modeling, especially in nature, is my favorite because I feel so free. Free to move my body with no restraints. Free to breathe in fresh air and feel the elements on my bare skin. I am naturally attracted to the beauty of nature- the plants, the growth, the corrosion, and the formations. The naked human body is a work of art in itself, and when combined with the awe of nature, and the true expression of the soul, that is the beautiful thing I am aiming to portray. I hope that through our collaboration people can understand that nudity can mean art. I am proud of these photos so far, and anything that will come out of this exploration in the future.

Lots of Love
Valerie Silvestri

Follow Valerie on Instagram @val_loveshine

James Ellingen

Photographer Profile

“Hi VOLO World,
I am James Ellingen, my passion for photography developed by accident. Growing up I loved comic books, so after high school I went to art school to become a cartoonist. But I couldn’t figure out how to draw women, so I took an intro to photography class and only intended on learning the basics so I could continue to work on my drawing. I first started photographing female friends of mine and I really loved capturing the female form and got excited to try lighting and shadowing and coming up with unique shapes and dynamic poses. I was hooked! Artistic nude photography is where I started, and in 2002 I went full force into glamour, shooting for a local magazine. I would usually try to do little Artistic projects on the side but, in the past year I have really focused on artistic nudes again.

I have moved around a lot, the last 10 years, always looking for new places to create my images. 20 years of photography, through many ups and downs in my life, art has always been the one thing that has kept me going. Other than that I enjoy movies, especially those based off comic books, even though they almost always ruin the actual story line.”

James Ellingen

Follow James on Instagram at @jamesellingen

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