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“I wanted to capture the beauty of this model in an elegant editorial as she slowly undress.”

Cristian Fasoli

Nude Model Gallery Preview

I wanted to capture the beauty of this model in an elegant editorial as Vesta Borisova slowly undress.

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Vesta Borisova

Model Profile

Vesta Borisova is an international model from Ukraine, she works as a fashion and glamour model. She likes to pose and she’s very funny and professional.

She is also a Met-Art model and a polymeric model and has a lot of experience posing for MPLstudios and Femjoy.

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Cristian Fasoli

Photographer Profile

Cristian Fasoli is an Italian photographer, born in 1977 in Crema Italy.

He started photography late in 2010 as self-taught and passioned artist and after two years become freelancer photographer and videomaker of portrait and fashion.

He’s developing his own style and personal research about photography, his creative process is a continuous evolution and experiment of a different style.

Always trying to avoid the be under the spotlight, Cristian continues his journey as a photographer. He also has a passion for Cats and CrossFit, “mens sana in corpore sano”

“he doesn’t like to talk much about photography, it should be something to watch not to talk about.”

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