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“I was intrigued by this small little Mongolian girl in Sydney I found on Instagram and asked her for a shoot. We woke up at 4 am and reached a national park at sunrise. The idea was to capture the innocence of this petite beauty and then gradually transition to more sensual images.
It belongs in VOLO because it contains the sensuality and innocence of a nude woman in a tasteful form, which VOLO exemplifies in other editorials, yet it’s different because the model is a rare beauty from central Asia.”

Varun Bondwal

Nude Model Gallery Preview

The idea was to capture the innocence of this delicate Mongolian beauty 'Rosa' and then gradually transition to more beautiful images.
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Model Profile

Rosa is a Mongolian model living in Sydney. She’s a film school graduate and specializes in nude art, street fashion and bondage genres. She has been published in various magazines, also writes poems and her wanderlust takes her to different places.

She has a unique look and appears much younger than her age, making her perfect for the ‘Lolita’ look. Rosa has shot in Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai.

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Varun Bondwal

Photographer Profile

Varun’s stint with photography started by taking landscapes in India. He got introduced to portraits later on and instantly fell in love. He feels there’s much more inherent character in the image of a person than of a building or landscape.

He does photography as a serious hobby and worked in the visual effects industry on the technical side, and has been credited in few movies including VFX Oscar winning Life of Pi. He is a self-taught photographer, and his style of work is portraiture which highlights female beauty and form, including nude and fantasy-style images as well as natural light portraits.

His process involves lots of pre-production and then shooting at his home-studio in Sydney. His images have appeared online and in print magazines.

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