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“Black sand, warm, hard, enveloping The young sinuous body of Giorgia, alabaster color, soft, sweet She’s in her right element.”

Roberto Manetta

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Black sand, warm, hard, enveloping The young sinuous body of Giorgia, alabaster color, soft, sweet She’s in her right element.

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Model Profile

Giorgia is an extraordinary young Italian model and university student studying Business Administration at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Her artistic career as a model began two years ago with some well know and famous Italian photographers when she was selected to pose in artistic nude and fashion photographs.

As a model with a perfect sinuous and athletic body, along with charm and personality place her among the best semi-professional Fine Arts Models on the Italian landscape.

The activities of swimming and working out in the weight room are her favorite sports activities, she also enjoys reading and traveling …

While she is not a big fan of Facebook or Instagram …. she uses her spare time away from the study books to meet the demands of being on photographic sets.

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Roberto Manetta

Photographer Profile

Roberto Manetta started his professional photographic career in 1999. He specializes in glamour photography and reportage, including projects that have slowly delved into a very personal search of the mixing and marrying of so called “Creative Nudes” and portraits.

As a freelance photographer, Roberto is particularly popular for managing a very suggestive use of shadow and light in portraits and fine art nude and shows a great skill in creating a pleasant blend of documention by telling visual stories of places and characters.

After many years of study he has gone from analogic to digital but always trys hard to keep to the ideals, the form and details of classical photography. He lives and works in Rome, where he continues to maintain an active “photographic idea” about the creative nude, showing his work in galleries and art spaces of the capital.

Since 2004, he works closely with several artistic groups in the representation of dance, theater and the performing arts related to music. He is also shooting for Actress/ Actors agencies in Rome. His photographs have appeared in many national and international books and magazines devoted to the Art of Photography.

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