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Magazine Galleries

Edgar Marin

VOLO 61 | ‘Flawless’ by Edgar Marin ft. Tania Marin

“Tania is an amateur model and a really good friend. She’s been working as a part-time model for quite a long time and in my opinion, she’s ready to take the big step into professionalism. She’s working really hard to get a name into the industry.”

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VOLO 61 | Diana in ‘Red Fox’ by Basket Buns

“Hello! My name is Diana, I’m 29 years old, I’m Russian, but I live in Estonia. I like to watch eroticism, but even more like doing erotic pictures! One of my favorite photographers is Basket Bunz, we work with him for a year.”

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VOLO 60 | Elilith in ‘The Morning After’ by The Volo Guy

“My name is Eliška, known as Elilith. I am a freelance model based in Prague, the main city of Czech Republic.I am also fire performer/dancer, recreation horse rider and aerial hoop acrobat. That means I’m a little bit flexible, and I’ve learned how to get up after a fall.”

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Natasha Fava

VOLO 60 | Natasha in ‘Drop the others’ by Nina Sever

“Natasha is a half Russian half Italian photographer herself and has always created between Moscow, London and Tuscany. We first met because I was posing for her, so it’s been amazing to change the roles and explore each other from different perspectives.”

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Our authorized submission link is https://www.volomagazine.com/submit/
If you receive any suspicious message, send us a dm @volomag and we’ll check it out for you.


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