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“This set showcases all the best nude photos of Tatiana, a stunning model with a beautiful body. It’s very suitable for the style of EROS that VOLO Magazine considers as art.”

Basket Buns usually edit 1 or 3 photos from the set. He wants to show a set of the best nude photos of Tatiana. He thinks its all suitable for VOLO concept.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Tatiana Prostotina

Model Profile

Tatiana Prostotina is 30 year old amateur model. She was born and lives in Estonia. She’s Russian.

Tatiana, my wife and my best model. Tatiana is a Mother of a 12 year old daughter. She helped me take the first steps in photography. She is amazing. She loves fitness.

She trains a lot and has a beautiful and strong body. Tatiana is very funny and it is always easy to work with. she has a lot of amazing tattoos. She is very flexible and its helps to take a cool shots.

She is the cover girl of NUVU magazine in November. Tatiana is not a professional model but I think she can compete with many professional models.

Follow Tatiana on Instagram at @tanj_ka



Basket Buns

Photographer Profile

“I am Basket Buns, amateur photographer from Estonia. I’m 30 years old and I’m Russian. I have always loved photography but i started shooting in january 2016.

All my models are my friends or friends of my friends. I never working with professional models and i never get money from shooting. I just love shooting.

My other love is painting. I draw more than 10 years. My big love is nature, i love landscapes and seascapes. My favorite techniqu -oil on canvas. I am a member of the Union of Russian Artists in Finland.

As an artist I have always been attracted by the beauty of the female body. I think woman its best creation of nature. On my photos, I try to show woman beauty, uniqueness and sensuality.

I love Volo. Volo is one of those that motivates and inspires me. and I hope that I can become a part of Volo.”

Basket Buns

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