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Model Profile

She was born in the suburbs in 1993. Since childhood, she was engaged in a dance studio.

She graduated from the Polytechnic University in the specialty “Architecture”. Powered by the designer. He continues to dance in the studio.

She lives in the country and in the city, in which participation in the nude photos are not accepted by society. Therefore, for the purpose of anonymity in the photo is not her face.



Viktor Usikau

Photographer Profile

“I was born in 1978. I live in Brest, Belarus.

I photograph mostly nudes. Photograph began in 2014. My passion started when we decided to do a photo session for my wife. I have invited a photographer. The result I did not like. I realized that I know how to take pictures better. Bought equipment. And I did.

In the beginning I photographed my wife. Then her friends. And thus gradually expanding range of models. My wife – an instructor in the gym. So basically, all of the models I have found there – in the gym.

I live in a small Puritan town, with a population of 300 thousand people. Here, almost all each other know, and participation in such photo shoots condemned. Therefore, almost all of my models are anonymous. The pictures can not see the girls faces.”

Viktor Usikau


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