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“This set was taken at a nice location. The model is a nice contrast against the background. Making pictures in unexpected surroundings give both of us a thrill.”

Peter Van Heulen

Photographer Peter van Heulen from the Netherlands made these pictures with Sandra Gilissen, their passion is nude photography.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Sandra Gilissen

Model Profile

“My name is Sandra Gilissen and I am a Belgian indie model and –actress. I am specialized in glamour and art photography, but I regularly get booked for fashion, beauty and commercial work as well. Besides my work as a model I also appeared in a variety of movies as an extra.

I am an indie model, which means that I have a characteristic that makes me different from the mainstream models. In my case that’s my height. I’m 5 ft. 2” and that makes me one of the smallest models in Belgium. One of the reasons I started modelling is to promote petite models.

As you might have expected, I am a romanticist and a dreamer. I am always busy changing the world! I also love nature, good food and good wine. But above all I love my friends and family, they mean the world to me!

What I love the most about modelling are the transformations that take place, both mentally and physically.

Every time I get in front of the camera, I meet a totally new persona of myself and I like to share at least one of my persona’s with the readers of VOLO!”

Sandra Gilissen

Follow Sandra on Instagram at @sandra.gilissen



Peter Van Heulen

Photographer Profile

“Peter van Heulen is my name, just call me Peet as anyone does. I’m a photographer, born in Vlissingen, The Netherlands , I was raised abroad. At sixteen I decided to settle in my hometown and study Photography. My home Zeeland is working area and the inspiration for many of my photos.

Generally the sea dominates my portfolio , I use a large format panoramic camera and digital DSLR, to capture the power of nature in my work.

Much of my work has gained a permanent place in hotels, restaurants and offices around and private homes in the world. Besides my landscape work I publish books about photography.

My latest book is about learning Nude and Glamour photography. During the years many pictures got published in magazines and websites. More and more i work on outside locations and try to make an interesting nude or glamour story.

My goals this year is to get more people see my nude work and this is why i want to join the Volo Magazine. It is the top of the magazines and it would be great to work together with them and meet other photographers from the globe.”

Peter Van Heulen

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/profile/Petervanheulen

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