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“This is the third and final set of my balcony series. As I was working on the series. I needed a model that could help wrap it up. Amy Wilder came to my mind. She has this femme fatale appearance that I just love and felt would be the best wrap up of my photo series. If you ask me I’m very happy how this final set turned out. I believe this fits as a Volo series set because it has the sensual femme fatale appeal that Volo stands for.”

Francisco Vazquez

This is the third and final set of Francisco’s balcony series. H needed a model that could help wrap it up. Amy Wilder came to his mind.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Amy Wilder

Model Profile

Amy Wilder is a multi-genre model who has her work appear all over the steampunk community.

Follow Amy on Instagram at @amywilderness


Francisco Vazquez

Photographer Profile

Francisco Vazquez is an American photographer born in 1988 Frankfurt, Germany to Puerto Rican parents.

He acquired his passion for photography while attending the university of SCAD in 2010. Ever since he has picked up the camera, he has never let it go. Shooting everything that intrigues and fascinates him. Photography in his eyes is another form of storytelling.

With this idea of stories being told through images makes this art medium thrilling for Francisco. After graduating SCAD with a degree in Film & Television in 2013. Francisco moved to Atlanta, GA to have a career as a photographer.

Living in the city of Atlanta there has been many inspirations on every corner. So many untold stories that need to be told. An opportunity to create more photographic art with an abounding cast of talented artists.

The passion of models, make up artists and photographers has driven Francisco to keep moving with his work and find new ways to tell a story through his imagery.

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/profile/chiscokid

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