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“Celeste Rasmussen and I had been working together for over a year, and we had always wanted to create something that would be worthy of a submission to Volo. We met up in Chicago, got a room at the Ritz, and there was a ledge in front of the window looking over the city.

We were originally hoping to get the buildings in the background, but with it being a gloomy, cloudy day, we both thought that the cloud cover for the backdrop would work just as well. We had a great shoot, and plan on shooting again for Volo!”

Mitchell Bugge

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Celeste Rasmussen and I had been working together for over a year, we had always wanted to create something that would be worthy of a submission to VOLO.

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Celeste Rasmussen

Model Profile

Celeste Rasmussen is a 20 year old, Midwestern based model who is originally from Wisconsin. She travels extensively throughout the USA as time allows. Celeste originally got in to modeling when she was 18 because of her love for artistic nudes, and has been modeling for over two years now.Celeste is a psychology major, so you need to watch out with her. Her sharp wit can take you unaware!

Celeste is a delight to work with. She always brings a positive vibe with her to every shoot, has a mesmerizing smile, captivating green eyes, and a magnificent figure. She is more than willing to go the extra mile to get that “one shot” that makes the entire shoot.

Celeste is an animal lover, and has a support cat back home. Her dream is to own a home with property, so that she can have cats, dogs, chickens and even goats!

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Mitchell Bugge

Photographer Profile

Mitch originally started shooting landscpaes back in high school & college, then gave it up to join the military. After a couple of decades of life, he picked the camera back up again as a hobby. After working with a couple of models for fashion shoots, he decided that his interests lay in the area of artistic nudes.

Mitch has traveled extensively with multiple models to various locations such as Moab, UT., White Sands, MN., and Las Vegas, NV., just to get the images that he wanted. In all cases, the trips were worth it, and he has formed close friendships with many of the models he has worked with.

While Mitch still has an interest in shooting fashion, glamor, and lifestyle, his primary passion will always be artistic nudes.

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