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Dasha U

Model Profile

“Hi everyone!,

I’m Dasha aka GreenEyed Goddess, a full time freelance model living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a full blooded Russian, a healthy food addict, a world traveler, an outdoors junkie and a devoted bookworm. But above all I am a true dreamer.
Right now I’m absolutely in love with my modeling career. What’s not to love? I get to travel to the most beautiful locations in the country (though I’m hoping to start traveling and working more internationally!) and work with all sorts of passionate creative people, while adding more beauty to this already gorgeous world.

I am definitely a complex creature, and my work allows me to express my inner passions in front of the camera. Fashion, glamour and art nudes are my specialty, although I regularly get booked for fitness, beauty and commercial work as well.
I believe in living life fully and with passion, and modeling helps me spice things up with new adventures and unique projects.
My job as a model is to seduce, amuse and entertain, and I’m beyond overjoyed to do just that on the pages of the number one art nude magazine in the world!”

Dasha U

Follow Dasha on Instagram at @dashauofficial

Dan Van Winkle

Photographer Profile

Dan Van Winkle (also known as Dan West) has been shooting photos for more than 40 years. He started in high school shooting for the school newspaper. Dan briefly thought about choosing photojournalism as a career, but after speaking with a few professional photographers, decided that a career in engineering would allow him to keep his photography as a serious hobby rather than a career.

For the first 30 years of his photography Dan focused on landscape photography but about 11 years ago decided it was time to include the female (and sometimes male) figure as part of his landscapes. Since then, Dan Van Winkle has self-published several books, had his art in galleries, and continues to refine both his landscape and nude work.

Find more of Dan Van Winkle’s work at @dandvw 
Website: www.impressionoflight.com

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