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“Desert and female body are simply created for each other. The hot sand envelops a body and forces the woman to show all her passion. Sand touch to a female’s body and becomes a part of this body. The naked woman on sand is an extremely sexual show! And now I will show you why.”

Ruslan Kolodenskiy

Ruslan Kolodenskiy shot this with Yana Ustimenko, He says desert and female body are simply created for each other. The hot sand envelops a body.
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Yana Ustimenko

Model Profile


I am Yana Ustimenko, I was born in Donetsk. It’s a beautiful Ukrainian city on the river Kalmius. But several years ago started the war in Ukraine and I was forced to leave from Donetsk to Kharkov city.

In Kharkov I was in save, but military conflicts in Donetsk still doesn’t go out of my mind. So, in some sense, this shooting in desert mirrored emptiness and sadness in my heart.

I want to show to all people around the world that we shouldn’t destroy each other, we should love and create something beautiful but not destroy each other. And I believe that only a love can save the world.”

Yana Ustimenko

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Ruslan Kolodenskiy

Photographer Profile

“I am Ruslan Kolodenskiy. Nude is my favorite type of shooting. For me the naked female body is object of admiration.

Hidden sexuality of a female body always drew me as a magnet. I can’t imagine my life without nude photography. Nude is my passion. Nude is my life.”

Ruslan Kolodenskiy

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