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“When Yasmin and I first spoke about this concept we both agreed, rather quickly, that we wanted to showcase the beauty of female strength and at the same time, the beauty of vulnerability through that strength. This shoot was a collaboration in every sense of the word.

Yasmin came knowing exactly how she wanted to showcase her own strength and we began very quickly moving through the day. As a photographer, I am always looking for lines and depth and I was able to find these moments of zeroing in on Yasmin’s definition. By isolating her in this gigantic warehouse-style gym it nudged the model into the unique state of vulnerability.

You can see this in both our tire photos and, particularly, in front of our mirror. As our model rests, she truly put in a work out for the shoot, she is not only seeing strength but also evaluating her next step. Yasmin said “My work is never done”, and we can only hope that is so.”

Chris Jackson

Nude Model Gallery Preview

When Yasmin and Chris first spoke about this concept they both agreed, rather quickly, that they wanted to show case the beauty of female strength.

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Model Profile

Yasmin is a fitness and fine art model in the Tampa Bay Area. She started her modeling career after gaining success online in her fitness journey. She currently shoots 3-4 times a week all across Florida and teaches group fitness classes.

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Chris Jackson

Photographer Profile

Chris Jackson is a Tampa Bay native and owner of Jackson Fresh Pictures, which specializes in video production and photography.

View an amazing showcase of the artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall/

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