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“On a dry July afternoon, Zoe and I headed for the hills of northern California. The sign was high, and we only found occasional shade, and you could feel the drought on your tongue. This set is very VOLO, a stunning female form juxtaposed in a stark, heated natural environment it makes us wonder if her shape is really out there on that hot summer’s day, or if she’s just a mirage.”

Theresa Manchester

Nude Model Gallery Preview

On a dry July afternoon, Zoe and Theresa Manchester headed for the hills of northern California. The sun was high and they could feel the drought.

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Zoe West

Model Profile

Zoe West is a full time traveling model and actress based in Kingston, NY. She spends most of her time on the road working with photographers and artists all over the world ranging from amateurs and hobbyists to pros.

Zoë has over 6 years of modeling experience and over 14 years of acting, including theatrical performances, training from HB Stu- dio in NYC, as well as TV, and lm projects.

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Theresa Manchester

Photographer Profile

Theresa Manchester is a full time traveling model & photographer who lives on the road all year round, traveling the country in a van with her faithful pooch Obiwan.

She is an up and coming fine art and fashion photographer working in a variety of photographic mediums – digital photography, 35mm lm, instant lm and wet-plate process. She has been modeling professionally 9 years and photographing people and places since childhood.

Her passion is connecting with her subjects and incorporating unique environments to create sensual work that takes the imagination to places far, far away.

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